Frequently Asked Questions

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  • General Queries

    What exactly are your services?

    We deliver the designing and development services along with digital marketing services to various sized organizations, varying from entrepreneurs to established organizations.

    Are you available 24*7?

    We are really apologetic for that. We tend to be available from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. during working days. If it’s urgent, you can pitch a mail to…….. . We will try to revert you ASAP.

    What security measures do you take?

    We ensure that your website remains safe and secured. Your database and code are secured. We don’t include any sort of spamming. Don’t worry!

    How can I sure of your reliability?

    We assess the web server for heavy traffic and the load is tested. The program will be reliable and proved enough and work according to your requirements or beyond expectation without any bug.

    Can you ensure me about the work quality?

    We allow our clients to check the status of the project development cycle. From initial to each step, we will provide you the Status Reports at the regular intervals.

    Can you provide any internship program?

    Yes, we have our academy or the associated section in our organization to provide you the internship curriculum. We will ensure you that you will procure the comprehensive and top-notch acquaintance about the related subject.

  • Web Designing Queries

    What are your design packages?

    Our packages rely on the type of the website you want to design from us. Like, the e-commerce website, business website, recruitment website, travel website, etc. Each website has different package according to their respective related elements.

    Do you redesign websites?

    Yes, of course! We will assist you in redesigning the website also. Redesigning involves more creativity and toil and our designers are just perfect in that. We ensure you that you will procure the appealing and intuitive website design.

    How much time do you take to design a website?

    This will again depend on the type and size of the project. An advanced project will take longer rather than the simplified one.

    Do you craft the design as I will tell you?

    Yeah…sure! Please let us know what you want, we will formulate accordingly. You can email us at our email id…….

  • Web Development Queries

    Do you share the progressive steps with me?

    We will share the growth of the project with you. It’s your project. You have full right to know about the step of the project. We will definitely do that.

    What technology do you use?

    We have expertise in different languages and craft and develop the web/mobile applications and software in different fields, like- HTML, XHTML, Photoshop, Ajax, CSS, Javascript, Asp.Net, PHP, Android, iOS and many more.

    What web development packages do you offer?

    It solely relies on the type of the project. Likewise, you will tell us about the project and its details, we will work accordingly.

    What are your cost plans?

    Our costing details depend on the type and size of the project. The simple and small project will charge less rather than the bigger ones.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Related Queries

    How much time do you take to rank my website?

    There is not any fixed duration to rank your website. We adopt ethical SEO techniques and they will take time to showcase the outcomes. Generally, it consumes approximately 5-6 months to rank your website and to give you the expected outcomes; else it relies on your market niche.

    Can you report me the progress from time-to-time?

    Yes, we will give you the monthly report of the progress. We will show you the rank from time-to-time. Do wait! Be patient!

    What does it cost?

    Primarily, the cost relies on the number and competition of the keywords of your project. We will notify you about the keywords and then move further. So, don’t worry. You will get the quality work here.

    Can you tell us the keywords of the related project?

    Yes, we will tell you the keywords which we will formulate and then if you will agree on those, we will initiate the process.

    Can you also include social media campaign in your procedure?

    It’s SMO (Social Media Optimization). We will surely include it in our SEO procedure. It is the most prevalent and effective technique in today’s world. So, we surely adopt this approach and in the most appropriate manner.

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