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A Paid Optimization Technique it is! We are the interface between the clients and the optimization technique and we play our role very well.

  • PPC marketing is an indispensable way to procure maximum leads.
  • PPC services in Ahmedabad create the action that generates the revenue.
  • Well managed PPC campaign invites quality traffic.

iCreators is an ace in Pay per Click Services in Ahmedabad

PPC Process

A process is to buy the visits to your site, instead of attempting to “earn” those visits organically!


Time for the Homework! The PPC consultants of our Pay per Click advertising agency in Ahmedabad will perform the research work for our clients.

Account Set up

We will set up your account, as it is very crucial to get set up correctly. If you really want to avoid the reporting disaster down the road, then make up your road firmly.

PPC Keyword Research

The tedious and time-consuming process it is! Need not to worry. Our Pay per Click specialists in India adopt the requisite and worthy measures to discover the relevant and right keywords.


The strategy embraces the concentration along with the strong aim to throw an arrow towards it. We follow this vigilantly.

Generate the proper plan

“What a Plan!” You are going to say these words to us after joining hands with us. Our effective PPC services in Ahmedabad encompass this step.

Establish a budget

You simply have to choose how much you want to invest each month; we are here to handle the PPC bid management process.

Landing Page Creation & Campaign Setup

We involve the landing page concept in our process, as, landing pages can conclude into the higher conversion rates and a lower cost-per-click.

Landing Pages improve your quality score

With the higher conversion rates, our Pay per Click services in Ahmedabad also focus on the rank and landing pages are the best alternatives.

Setting the campaign directs to you towards the accurate strategy

After creating the landing page, we fix our eyeballs towards our primary objective and proceed towards it with full focus.


Optimization and evaluation is our next step. Pay per Click advertising service is on roar in Ahmedabad and we are the Tigers that endeavor to please our customers and clients.


After accomplishing the specific phase, testing is crucial. It’s up to us. You don’t have to panic. We are your PPC specialists who will understand and resolve your issues.


After testing, some faults or blunders might be discovered. This is the step where we eradicate the errors and optimize the entire work.

Test and Refine

Last but not the least, our PPC advertising services in Ahmedabad concludes with the ultimate measurement and rectifying the probable flaws.

Monitor the PPC Campaign

Our cluster of PPC campaign surveys the entire process to figure out whether there is any error. It results into what works and what doesn’t.

Refine the process

After scanning the procedure, we move forward towards the refinement of the process. So, it’s the hard time to make our process clean by removing the errors and by keeping the ads with the best upshots.

Keys To A Successful PPC Campaign

Figure out the low volume keywords

The fact is that the search engines grab or contemplate the content, infused with the relevant keywords, but within the limit. We work on the principle of ethical strategies, rather than non-ethical or spamming version. We put the low volume keywords in the online advertisements, using different approaches, like banner advertisement, pop-ups, highlighters and many more.

Control the Search Experience

The keywords should be directly targeted towards the right audience. After all, this is the reason why you stand in the market. We will perform and manage the search experience. Setting the aim that the specific group will discover fast what they want in form of your website, we will apply PPC services on your website.

Understand the Economics before the start

It is truly stated by us that don’t be in hurry. Be patient and acknowledge us with what you actually want; we will jump into the PPC process today. We are enthusiastic about the digital assets, so we initiate the process with all necessary and significant requisites that are prevalent in the market today.

Use Metrics to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Tracking! Analyzing! Reporting! These are all the important components of this step. As soon as the entire PPC campaign will conclude, we begin with the accurate analysis step and check with the bull’s eye. In a way or the other, the metrics is the right approach to stand ahead of your competitors.

Enhanced Targeting with PPC Marketing

With the above PPC operations, Pay-per-Click also enables you to have different ad variations, so that you can have the text ads which increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) exponentially. Due to the production of the various kinds of ad, you can monitor the patterns revealing which ad is being clicked which aren’t.

Keyword Targeting

With PPC, you may have the instant gratification of being on Page 1 of the search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Keyword Targeting

PPC campaign delivers a perfect ROI (Return on Investment) that meets your business goals in a very elegant and professional way.

Keyword Targeting

Execute on the Google, Adwords is the largest and widest Pay-per-Click platform. This platform allows your business to create ads that appear on the search engine.

Keyword Targeting

Your landing page is the most likely funnel point to generate a conversion lift on your campaigns.

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